About Us

Chatcast is made up of the world's leading experts in marketing technology. We have one singular mission - To innovate new ways that brands and businesses can get their messaging out to the world at large.

About Chatcast

Headquartered in San Francisco, Chatcast is the leading solution for messenger marketing. A modern approach to communications that enables companies and brands to broadcast news, offers, and media content directly to their customers, prospects and fans over messaging apps. Messaging quickly produces a trove of activity data which we integrate with the customer record of an organization's CRM or system of record to provide a complete 360-degree view of their subscribers. Currently available for Facebook Messenger and Twitter Direct Messages, with support for other messaging apps coming soon. Chatcast's platform allows any brand that uses email or social media – including enterprise business, retailers, sports teams, political teams, news outlets, and more to reach their fans through popular mobile messaging apps.

Our Founders

Christian Taylor

Prior to Chatcast, Christian was the Co-Founder at Payvment (acquired by Intuit in January 2013). Christian has been a featured guest and on-air Tech analyst for various television news networks including FOX Business News, Bloomberg TV and NBC. A guest speaker at numerous tech conferences on the subjects of Product Management, Agile Dev, Lean Startup, User Acquisition, Internet Privacy, Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship. He has also been featured in books including Social Media Marketing for Dummies, The Social Customer, and The Social Commerce Handbook.

Jake Tschetter

Jake Tschetter has spent his career architecting large scale Enterprise SaaS platforms. An expert in software development and cloud infrastructure, Jake has been an Engineering and Ops leader at Gannett, GateHouse Media, Callfinity (acquired by MiTel), building SaaS solutions capable of scaling to millions of users.